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Welcoming Autumn!

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As we transition into Autumn season, in Ayurveda we begin what is called VATA season. VATA governs all bodily movement- it’s elements are cold, dry, light, irregular… Think of the wind and space. It is at this time that we want our bodies to adjust by doing just the opposite…

Starting with eating warmer, heartier foods like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, avocados, warm stews, and using cinnamon to increase moisture – it’s all about warmth and grounding as we gradually adjust to the cooler weather. VATA season is usually related to respiratory infections and colds so one of my recommendations is getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier to adjust your circadian rhythms.


I also encourage at the start of a new season a two to three day cleanse. This does not have to be a complete fast, but simply cutting out alcohol, caffeine, and feeding your body more soups and green juices to boost your immune system and aid your digestion. Traditionally this time of the year is a time of gathering. It’s about harvest and getting ready for winter. This month of October, taking part in pumpkin picking, hayrides, Halloween…enjoying natures gifts and being grateful renews our spirits.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year- HAPPY AUTUMN!

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