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The Truth About Sunscreen

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IMG_0076-1OK LETS GET STARTED, I have a lot of information to cover and I can hardly type as fast as I want to get this info out.  As some of you who have known me personally for years, you know that Im all about the TRUTH!!!!!  It drives me crazy when the public is not informed or is lied to in anyway.  Please read the following article that one of my goddesses sent me regarding sunscreens.  I am outraged how the FDA allows this… but then again, the last 5 years more and more has been uncovered regarding whats in our food, what chemicals we use everyday that are in our cleaning products, as well as skincare, makeup, shampoo, lotions, I could go on for days.  This article uncovers the actual amount of sunscreen that “big” companies are claiming is in their products verses what is written on the bottle that they are able to sell and market.  Skin cancer has dramatically increased over the past five years, a consumer tries to be diligent and purchases a SPF of 50, that’s what the bottle says…….only to find out its only SPF of 17!

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Today my advice is don’t believe anything you read, do your own investigating! You have to realize that if they can lie about SPF protection, OMG, they can lie about everything.  I recently went through this as I thought my cleaning supplies were “green”, only to find out that there were more chemicals than I could have imagined in just my dryer sheets…..Now I use paper towel and soak them with essential oils THAT I know are pure instead.

Here is another surprise, in one of my health magazines, Natural Awakenings, there is an article on cotton hygiene products that contain the chemical glyphosate, widely used in agriculture as an herbicide. According to World Health Organization, glyphosate is a carcinogen to humans! Cotton, gauze, swabs, wipes and tampons, including sanitary pads, 85% all tested positive for glyphosate!

I’m sorry if this email sounds like a rant, I hope it causes a disturbance within all of you to the reality of what goes on and what has been going on for many years…

The solution is going back to real natural, cleaning your house with white vinegar and water.  Using essential oils to clean, fresh lemons as a lightening. This cotton article has me investigating the cotton pads that I use and finding a source that is pure…
Years ago we all used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Talc, today they say they are a known cause for cervical cancer, read everything!  Toms toothpaste says all natural, not all of them are, some still contain fluoride, which our body can’t get rid of so it settles in our joints…….


I WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU THE TRUTH! FYI MY SPF is 50, with antioxidants, free of chemical absorbers, paba free, paraben free, oil free, alcohol and fragrance free. Available now at

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