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The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

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Today I want to discuss what is a big trend at the moment, Activated Charcoal.Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 6.38.15 PM

You may have seen an article in a fashion magazine, or a sheet mask at Sephora……

So what is it and why should you always have it on hand……..ACTIVATED CHARCOAL powder is used medicinally as well as in air purifiers, and water purifiers. Its known as a detoxifier and a poison antidote.

Well known for absorbing most organic toxins, chemical and poisons before they can harm the body. Used in large does at emergency rooms for certain types of poisoning.

Charcoal is available in pill form or powder. Great for treating spider bite, mix with a little baking powder and it will pull out the toxins from the bite. You can open a capsule and brush your teeth with it, kind of messy but amazing whitening results. Taking a capsule internally when you have a stomach bug, or the latest is taking it as part of a healthy lifestyle as many of us carry heavy metal toxins from the environment, and mercury from fish.

In the skincare world, as your Skin Goddess I have started to advise my acne clients to begin to add it to their lifestyle. The purifying and anti-inflammatory effects I have witnessed topically on the skin is impressive. Of course following a healthy diet first, no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods, and studies have shown removing milk and dairy products can dramatically improve acne prone skin.

Activated charcoal is fine, black powder that is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic, it is not the same thing as the ashes from a barbeque……please check with your health care professional if you are currently taking prescription medications.

All you mommys, what a great thing to add to your first aid kit, for bites, stomach bugs, and
poisoning…….god forbid……….

Personally I have seen amazing results and Im working on a special charcoal mask coming very soon, and I have been taking it twice a week for internal purification…..

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