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Spring Cleanse

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Hello Goddesses,
LavenderLemonadeAs promised, the following is a gentle cleanse to follow for THREE days only……
In Ayurdeva this is a gentle transition as our body enters a new season.  This is my choice for SPRINGING into perfect health.

If you have any medical concerns, or are under a physicians care, please consult your provider before participating.

Cleansing is meant to bring our body back in alignment.  We are exposed to environmental toxins daily, as well as,a build up of our own emotional toxcity, we have accummulated over the years, known as AMA.  Juicing reaches our body on a cellular level within 10-15 minutes.  Therefore without the burden of digestion, our body can work on detoxing the liver and kidneys. The liver is where environmental toxins, chemicals, preservatives, prescription drugs, and other harmful substances accummulate.

The following recipes can be mixed up each day, depending on your preference.  It is important to start each morning before anything with a 4 ounce cup of warm water with the juice of 1/2 fresh lemon.


  1. One large cucumber
  2. One bunch of kale
  3. One bunch of spinach
  4. Four stalks of celery
  5. One lemon peeled
I like to think of this as clearing of my HEART CHAKRA, because of its beautiful green color, use this visualization while ingesting your green goddess.
  1. One beetroot
  2. Two red apples with skin on
  3. One cup of strawberries
  4. One piece of ginger peeled
  5. One half of lemon peeled

I like to think of this as my ROOT CHAKRA, because of its beautiful red color, use this visualization while ingesting your root goddess.



  1. Three large carrots peeled
  2. One medium sweet potato
  3. 3-4 oranges peeled
  4. one lime peeled

I like to think of this as my SACRELCHAKRA, because of its stimulating color, use this visualization while ingesting your orange goddess.



  1. Two cups of blueberries
  2. Two bunches of spinach
  3. Three pitted dates
  4. One banana
  5. One cup cashew milk, almond milk or coconut milk

I like to think of this as my THROAT CHAKRA, because of its blue color, use this visualization while ingesting your berry goddess.

In addition, you can drink 6 – 7 of these juices per day, be sure to include at least 8 glasses of purified water.  Stay away from all caffeine, herbal teas count as water, and of course adding any of my beauty water, like LAVENDER LEMONADE can be ingested.  GET PLENTY OF REST, BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF, MEDITATE TWO OR MORE TIMES A DAY, OR FOLLOW GUIDED MEDITATION.  I don’t recommend exercise, however walking or gentle yoga is ideal.

FYI, after making your juice or blending, be sure to drink within 20 minutes to achieve full prana (life energy).  Therefore it is not advised to make large amounts and store in refrigerator, as they will lose their potency.

Would love your feedback or questions, contact me at……..

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