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Skin Care Fix: Cucumber Orange Detox

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Hello everyone! Anyone in need of a skin care fix? If so, you are at the right site. It’s time to save your skin – start with this cucumber orange detox.

This water infusion is rich in flavonoids that protect the body from lung and oral cancers, contains high amounts of vitamin K, as well as, vitamins A, C, and E that act as powerful antioxidants vital for healthy skin, and electrolytes that provide superior hydration!

1-2 Cucumbers, sliced
1-2 Oranges, quartered
Fresh Mint
1.5 Liters of Essentia or Figi Water

Wash the cucumber and oranges with the skin on them prior to cutting them. Place sliced cucumber into a large pitcher, and fill 3/4 up with water. Squeeze each orange into the cucumber water and then add the remainder of the water to fill pitcher. Let the water stand for 15 minutes at room temperature or in the fridge prior to serving. Drink all day and continue to add more water as needed.

The cucumber and oranges in the pitcher will be good for 12 hours, discard after this time and make a new batch. You can watch me make this on my YouTube Channel.

Hydrate from the inside out – you and your skin deserve it!

Here’s to embracing your inner goddess!

– NY Skin Goddess

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