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24K Gold Collagen Mask


Egyptians believed gold had magical properties of youth and vitality… gold stimulates collagen and elastin giving your skin, youthful glowing radiance.

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The NYSG Gold Collagen Mask is an exclusive product where gold is dissolved into tiny particles that are suspended within the collagen gel mask to be easily absorbed by the skin. Collagen is an essential component to healthy skin, your skin will be revived, and have the appearance of healthy youthful skin.

Good for all skin types

24K Nano Gold, Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Algae extract, licorice extract, ellagic acid (plant derived polyphol).

How to Use This Product:
After cleaning and toning with your Stabilizing PH Tonic, apply mask, leave on for  20 -30 minutes. Massage any extra residue into your skin. Apply Daily Addiction, or Goddess Remedy as needed. This mask is for one time use.

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