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NY Skin Goddess Spa Services

Experience a sanctuary of wellness… Transition into tranquility. Let our expert team at NYSG transform you.

Services are offered by appointments only. Call to schedule your appointment with the NY Skin Goddess: 1-800-795-Goddess (1-800-795-4633) or book online.

NYSG Signature Treatments

coolifting facial new york cityCoolifting Cryolift Treatment (only a handful of spas have this across the US!)

CRYOLIFT is a revolutionary system that allows performing a cold facial treatment through a safe, fast and efficient method. The Coolifting gun projects a powerful CO2 flow at a very low temperature, along with high pressure combined with high concentration of hyaluronic acid and atomized actives, includes collagen gel mask…..30 minutes. Series of 4 to 6 treatments recommended, followed with monthly maintenance.

Advanced Ultrasound/Coolifting Facelift Treatment
This is an Advanced Technology using high level sound waves vibrating at 28,000 waves per second, to deep clean, lift dead skin cells on all skin types. Cryolifting is then used spraying C02 at a very low temperature, along with high pressure delivering hyaluronic acid into the dermis. The results are IMMEDIATE, lifting restructuring, repairing on a cellular level. Astounding results that bring your skin back to a youthful state…..45 minutes. Series of 4 recommended over the course of 8 weeks.

MaryAnna Nardone is one of the only aestheticians in the US to have this amazing technology!


Signature Mircrodermabrasion Treatment
This is a customized experience, where clinical meets ultimate pampering. Consists of Microdermabrasion, extractions, lymphatic massage, customized mask, heated hand treatment. Ultimate pampering for Women and Men……75 minutes. Series of 4 & Series of 8

Diamond Pen Advanced Microneedling Treatment
This unique treatment is MaryAnna’s variation of the latest collagen induction therapy. No down time and minimal discomfort, addresses acne scars, deep wrinkles and large pores. Can be done as a “boost” or as a series. Safe on all skin types. Series of 3 & Series of 6 recommended. All series for this treatment come with a complimentary NYSG Daily Addiction “fountain of youth” serum.

Skin Polishing Express
Anti-aging 30-minute lunch time microdermabrasion treatment. Effective in stimulating collagen production. Quick yet effective for those with limited time.

Signature Purifying Treatment
This is a deep pore cleansing facial, using ultrasound technology to address the impurities and bacteria on problematic skin. Hormones, diet and lifestyle all influence blemishes and breakouts. Research has shown certain bacteria can be eliminated when oxygen is used – it cannot live when the skin is oxygenated. This treatment consists of deep cleaning with ultrasound, extractions, high frequency, customized oxygen Coolifting as well as in-depth consultation for nutrition and elimination of dairy products. 75 minutes.

The Bentley
For men only. This treatment addresses issues of irritation, in-grown hairs on the face and neck from daily shaving. Includes extractions, customized mask, and skincare regime.

Advanced Medical Peels
All peels require complimentary consultations to customize your needs. Chemical or enzyme peels regenerate new cells, increase collagen, remove sunspots. Light, medium depth will depend on your lifestyle, skin conditions. These peels can be customized to meet your specific needs, can be applied on face, décolleté,arms, back and legs.

Laser Bar/Hair Removal
NY Skin Goddess, MaryAnna Nardone was one of the original medical aestheticians performing Laser Hair Removal, training physicians in 2005. A private confidential consultation is required to discuss areas of concern and prices.

Beauty Bar
Eyebrow Tinting/Eyelash Tinting….plant based and non-toxic.

NYSG Exclusive Skincare Products
UNIQUELY formulated, plant based, essential oils, paraben free, not tested on animals….all are used in ALL of our SKINCARE SERVICES/AYURVEDA….available at the spa and online – see all the NY Skin Goddess products!

If you are having trouble deciding what works for you, MaryAnna has Skype based consultations available by appointment.

NY Skin Goddess Ayurvedic Services and Programs

third_eye_goddessAyurveda is a conscious based system of healing, founded in India 5,000 years ago. The ancient system is now combined with modern science to provide balance of body, mind and soul which equals Perfect Health. MaryAnna is a Chopra Center Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator and brings to NY Skin Goddess a complete formula for beauty from the inside out.

MaryAnna is available to privately customize an Ayurvedic program, 1 on 1, based on your lifestyle needs. Programs are designed to determine your current state of health and provide the tools to nourish, renew, and activate inner healing.

See MaryAnna’s bio on
MaryAnna is certified to teach Ayuveda classes and seminars. She currently provides lectures, classes and webinars for corporate and private groups.

Ayurvedic Services & Treatments

Ayurveda Wellness Consultation
CHOPRA CERTIFIED EDUCATOR, MaryAnna Nardone will discuss the holistic conscious based healing system founded in India. Consult will include determining your dosha, daily rituals, ayurveda nutrition, mind/body/soul personality. A consultation fee will be applied to your customized program. Can be done in person or via SKYPE…Learn more.

Yoga Marma Facial
This “yoga” for your face is meant to awaken your marmas or vital hidden points. We have them all over our body, think of it as tiny eyes that “look around” to inform our body of what is needed to create healthy balance. They are also energetically linked to the chakras. Customized mask…60 minutes.

Raindrop Therapy
This is a back treatment, very therapeutic for anyone on a computer, driving often, neck and shoulder stiffness or tensions related to back problems. Aromatherapy essential oils are “rain dropped” along with light massage, customized mask…60 minutes.

For more information on booking appointments or questions, please call 800-795-4633.