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Hi, today I wanted to share another homemade mask.  The question seems to be about exfoliation, pumpkin and papaya have natural enzymes that aid in removing dead skin cells and debris.  This time of year a lot of people suffer with patchy areas of dry skin.  This is normal for those with combination skin, the answer is not to use rotary brushes, or start scrubbing your face!!! Can you hear me screaming……lol its counter productive.  Less is more, make this mask, apply to clean skin and leave on for only 15 minutes, remove with tepid water, follow with nighttime moisturizer.  Your skin will feel soft and supple, the enzymes will do their magic……

Use this mask once or twice a month……….remember how delicate your facial skin and neck area are, no scrubbing allowed after all its not the kitchen floor.

See the recipe demonstration below:

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