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IMG_4653Hi everyone, my latest obsession I am so excited to share with you is my MAGICAL ROSE WATER, serve it hot or cold, truly amazing.

Did you know the Rose oil made from the petals has amazing benefits for your skin? First rose oil is very expensive because it is made from extracting oil from actual petals using a distillation process. I used purified water, and organic rose tea with a pinch of the rose oil. If you don’t have the rose oil, rose tea ( Tulsi Brand) is the one I use and is in the photo.

The benefits internally as truly magical, stress relieving, and mood elevating and aids in digestion. We all know how important it is to drink our water, why not enjoy the magic that comes with it…….

FYI Rose oil taking internally has been shown to contain the following therapeutic properties, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-viral, blood purifier, nervous stomach sedative. Going a step further, the higher your frequency level the healthier your body becomes. The frequency of a healthy body ranges anywhere from 62 to 78 Hz(units of frequency). Our frequency can be changed by our thoughts, everything absorbed by us influences our vibration levels.
Science has shown that the vital power of plants and essential oils extracted vibrate on the highest frequency, starting at 52Hz up to 320 Hz, which is the vibration of pure rose oil.

Studies have shown that a drop of essential oil placed on the bottom of your foot can deliver its information into each and every cell in your body within 21 minutes.

Applying it to your skin can be too harsh full strength, however using it diluted as a spray, or in pure skincare has unbelievable power on its own, the impact of positive vibrations is endless… drink it up or buy my DAILY ADDICTION and be ready for a higher vibration………

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