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Let’s Honor Our Fathers

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As we begin today, let’s release all old patterns, limiting ideas, fears, and all illusions.  This full strawberry moon is amazing new energy as we finish up the last few weeks of Spring in preparation for the Summer Solstice later this month.  This month of June on the east coast is typically strawberry season so very fitting to call this full moon strawberry moon….

It’s that time again, just about a week away June 18, is the day we honor our fathers or male figures in our life. I want to extend my greetings to all the fathers, brothers, uncles, grandpas, godfathers, cousins, neighbors, or any male figure in your life that has been like a Dad or mentor to you.

Along with honoring our fathers, here is a very important fact I want to share from the SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION. White men over 50 are twice as likely as their female counterparts to die of melanoma, because they don’t wear sunscreen or visit the dermatologist.  As we move into Summer, along with all the sunshine and outdoor living, let’s keep sunscreen use at the forefront of our families minds – especially our male family members: fathers, brothers, uncles, grandpas, godfathers.

Fathers and daughters share a unique bond, make it a practice to encourage the use of sunscreen all year, especially during these warm days ahead. In honor of Father’s Day and my passion for protecting your skin, I’m offering two specials! Buy one NYSG Sunscreen OR spend $100 in NYSG products and get my Rehab Charcoal Mask FREE! Treat Dad! Offer expires June 20, 2017Use coupon code: BENTLEY at checkout and your free gift will be automatically added to your order when shipped. Click here to purchase.

For those of us, like me, whose Father, Grandfathers and Uncles are watching from heaven, I am blessed and grateful for beautiful memories. I thought you would enjoy this definition…

DAD – father, guardian, protector, carer, friend, teacher, mentor, coach, task master, listener, sports fanatic, mower man, king of corny jokes and crap facts, taxi, bank, part time fun guy, part time fun police, tough on the outside, soft in the middle.


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