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Internal Wellness

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HOPE EVERYONE IS ENJOYING SUMMERTIME!!!!  Ok so today I wanted to talk about something that has been getting a lot of attention in my home the last few weeks, also the topic that has been big in the world of holistic medicine and my Ayurveda world. DIGESTION! DIGESTION! DIGESTION! So what the heck is all the discussion about………..lets start at the beginning of my story…

digestionAbout six weeks ago I went under anesthesia for an elective surgical procedure.  I was under for longer than expected, which occurs on a regular basis.  Any surgery requires recovery, however I was having a lot of difficulty with my digestion, aka evacuation and any movement.  Knowing what I know about digestion, I was doing all the right things, taking care of myself with proper hydration, eating organic fruits and veggies and adding a probiotic daily for keeping a healthy gut.  70 percent of our immune system lives in our gut.  It is vital for overall health to have a healthy gut.

About one week after surgery, I knew something was very wrong my stomach was beyond bloated, my hands, feet and face was swollen and tight.  Thank god one of my dear friends suggested a try going for colon hydrotherapy for relief.  First off to help my body get rid of the toxins from anesthesia, pain medication and get some relief.  With her recommendation I made an appointment.

The reason Im sharing all this is not only was it extremely helpful and healing, I also discovered a “true healer”.  Her name is Tracy Piper and is the founder and owner of Piper Center for Internal Wellness.  As some of you know I always preach beauty from the inside out, wellness inside is so important.  Tracy’s  vast knowledge of the body, her experience and education was my saving grace.  She explained what was happening to my body, and what it would take to get me back in balance.  It was a challenging time, I followed all her insightful directions and visited her once a week and watched my body recover and heal from not only from the anesthesia, toxins but she removed parasites!!!!  I know its gross, I discovered we all have them, Tracey explained that eating sushi or any raw fish causes parasites.  They can live in our bodies for years, laying eggs and multiplying.  Fatigue, bloating, poor digestion, constipation can all be signs……..of parasites.

Im happy to say, that I have said goodbye to sushi and any raw fish for good!!!!  I feel amazing inside and out, I have learned the importance of having a colon hydrotherapy treatment as an ongoing “wellness” for keeping a healthy body.  Remember we learn new things everyday, caring for ourselves is vital.  Just as I talk about taking care of your skin it doesn’t happen overnight, a person with acne has had an inflammation for sometime before it manifests as pimples.  Getting an internal cleansing is VITAL for removing debris beyond your control………we are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis that we can’t control, internally just knowing you can go and clean them out is to me such a blessing!!!!  Of course having met Tracy Piper was a gift, she is magical, I absolutely had to share……..she’s definitely the goddess of internal wellness.  For more information, go to

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