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Its been a great month as we near the last week we have entered in the sign of Leo, the Lion or Lioness.

The weather has been very hot here on the east coast, so I thought it would be a great time to talk about one of my favorite home facials. ICE FACIAL!!!!

IMG_0358Thats right ICING, or ICE FACIAL is so easy and has great benefits.  I know your used to using ice for drinks and smoothies but here is a fun way to firm and give your skin a glow, and cool off at the same time.

  1. Take any ice cube tray.
  2. Get Alkaline water (Fiji or Essentia) is best.
  3. Choose your favorite fruit or veggie.
  4. I love using rose petals, cucumbers, or green tea
  5. Place petals, or cucumbers on bottom of each space.
  6. Fill with alkaline water and place in freezer.
On clean skin, gently rub ice cubes on your face in circular motion.  It will improve circulation, it kind of acts like a temporary botox, due to its tightening affect.  Great to do before red carpet event…..any special night out, even rub the ice above and on your lips for fine lines. FYI remember that rose petals should be washed carefully as they can carry pesticides.  If you need a little anti-inflammatory affect, make cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, whatever you can come up with.  I often make a container of organic green tea and pour that into trays, for a green tea icing treat.
FYI, I love applying my daily addiction first, then using the ice cube as a way to push the product into my skin, instant goddess glow……..stay cool and try ICING!!!

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