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Healthy Tips For Moms

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OK ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN…….ARE YOU MOMS SINGING AND DANCING LOL!!!!  Some of you moms aren’t in a hurry to get back into the routine of carpooling and homework…….

I wanted to share some vital information from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  As you know by now, your skin is your largest organ, and we are exposed to so many chemicals on a daily basis.  This information is so important, first for awareness of dangers we can avoid.  We need to really all participate in greener for our planet and the children who will be affected by the damage that has already been done.  Consciousness, and awareness as I speak of in Ayurveda, means in all areas not just want we eat.  I hope this is informative…..

  1. BACKPACKS, when purchasing look for natural fibers and skip those made from PVC.  If natural fibers are hard to find, then look for polyester and nylon are better than PVC.
  2. LUNCH BOXES, especially important that lunch boxes be made from non-toxic materials with NO lead paint, PVC, BPA and antimicrobial chemicals.  Some options are cotton lunch bags, reuse utensils from home and pack food in reusable rather than disposable.
  3. BEVERAGE BOTTLES, skip commercial bottled water, its expensive, wastes resources and the water quality isn’t necessarily better than tap water.  Instead, send your child to school with filtered water and other beverages in reusable bottles made from BPA free plastic.
  4. MARKERS, common crayons often contain paraffin wax, which is made from CRUDE OIL.  Look for alternatives like beeswax.  Don’t buy dry erase and permanent markers which contain SOLVENTS!!!
  5. PENCILS AND PENS, pick plain wooden pencils no paint and glossy coating made from sustainable wood or recycled newspaper.  Skip the scented ones, try to use recycled ballpoint pens.
  6. NOTEBOOK AND BINDERS, avoid plastic covers on binders and spiral notebooks, they usually made from PVC, try recycled cardboard or natural fibers instead.
  7. PAPER PRODUCTS, look for recycled paper, made from at least 30 percent post consumer waster PCW, that isn’t whitened with chlorine bleach.  Or consider virgin paper made from alternative fibers.  Choose 100 percent recycled tissues and paper towels made without chlorine bleach.
  8. GLUE, try to minimize kids exposure to extra strong or instant adhesives like epoxies or model glues, they contain toxic solvents.  Water based glues are safer bets.  Although most glue is made from petrochemicals, be sure to read which ones don’t contain chemicals.
As school shopping  is an annual end of summer tradition, I hope this helps you to find better green choices, or at least brings awareness to how we can keep our kids healthy from the inside out……

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