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Healing With Essential Oil

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I want to bring everyone up to speed with all new developments……I missed last week in connecting, as I was in California gifting my products at an Emmy’s Styling Lounge!
It was very exciting to meet many celebrities and Emmy nominees.  I had a chance to really connect and present myself and my brand one on one.  I met the nicest people, who were very interested in what I was explaining about my products and Ayurveda.

For those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I will be adding some photos of my experience on my website…… it was a really fun time.

This week we enter the Fall Equinox on Thursday here on the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.  Some fun facts, there are two equinoxes one in March and one in September.  During each of these days there are roughly 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness across the globe, due to the sun shining directly on the equator.  In Greek mythology the autumnal equinox signals the return of Persephone to her husband Hades.  Enacting rites of protection were a popular practice, as were reflections on the previous successes and failures.  This marks a great time to continue the tradition by cleansing your living space.  Go through and make space in your closet.  Clean windows, lighting fixtures, change light bulbs and replace.  In this way we are preparing for winter, its harvest time gathering is a ritual.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, as I mentioned in the last newsletter it is a time to slowly adjust your body as in Ayurveda we are entering VATA season.  As a reminder, I know have the Dosha Quiz available on my website, you can add up your scores and contact me for a Skype appointment to have a full consultation regarding your Dosha, and how to stay in balance.

In my skincare practice, I have always used essential oils, this ancient wisdom of healing with oils dates back 5,000 years to Ayurveda.  When we learn our mind/body constitution, essential oils are used as remedies.  However, not all oils are created equal.  Just like any skincare product true essential oils are healing because they are pressed in order to extract the oil from the plant or flower.  Ayurveda teaches us that the energy from the plants and flowers is part of our inherent nature.  What happens in nature, happens to our bodies.  We are completely connected.  Choosing the purest oil without added ingredients is extremely important.  Just because it says “lavender” oil doesn’t mean it is pure.  Research the company and find out where they grow there plants and flowers, or where are they getting them from.  What is their process of extracting.  Remember it is vital as in order to heal or use as a remedy, your skin will absorb it as though it is food…… are what you eat becomes very literal………

Aroma therapy, the process of infusing oil, is extremely beneficial, and knowing what oils to combine is also important.  Remember that your mind with connect a aroma with a memory, for example if you use lavender oil for soothing your nerves and unwinding at the end of the day, or for sleep…..your mind/body constitution with make that association.  If you use it for any other purpose you will get sleepy or relaxed.  If you use peppermint before you work out, it will stimulate you, so you get the idea.

Organic oils have true medicinal power; the essence of scent is powerful. Essential oils are used everyday in Ayurveda, when we do our self massage to balance our nervous system, hormones and boost immunity, called Abhyanga.  Raising your vibration or frequency can be done with the purest of rose oil; I will go into more about healing with oils in my full course on Ayurveda.

Starting September 25, I am honored to announce I am a guest on John Edward’s show called Evolve.  Click here to sign up to watch all episodes of John’s new Season 8!! Check out my Facebook page for a sneak peek!

Also available will be my Intro into Ayurveda series available on my website free starting Sunday September 25.

Looking forward to hearing your questions or comments, as always… as we fall into Autumn… Happy Birthday to all the Libras!

…as promised click here to view pictures from the Emmy’s Styling Lounge.!


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