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Happy September

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Wow happy September everyone… summer flew by… from the changes in our temperature, to the horrific Hurricane Harvey and another right behind it called Irma!!!  I want to take this opportunity to be grateful.

Each day we really have a choice to look at what we don’t have, or relish and look around at what we do have and be grateful.  September is a month of fresh starts for kids returning to another year of education.  Stay at home moms and dads, or working away from home just as the kids are beginning, so are we…

In Ayurveda we soon will be approaching the season of Vata, gently adjusting to fall temperatures, or this next season we want to start slowly introducing some other foods, I recommend a one or two day elimination of your normal diet, doing as many organic green vegetables and soups in preparation of a new beginning.  Giving your digestive system a reboot.

As we get closer to fall equinox, I will have a simple daily food plan as an example…. as well as the characteristics of Vata mind body and soul.

As summer 2017 becomes a past memory, let’s move forward with joy and a grateful heart, sending prayers and donations to Texas.  Please know we all can make a difference thoughts and prayers are energy I like to visualize a point of light from my heart to the state of Texas.  You can do this to anyone you know, or to the entire world for peace & the end of suffering for so many right now.

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