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Happy October

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Wow September was a busy month for me, with the emmy’s gifting suite, & my guest appearance on Evolve with John Edward…….

October brings me such joy,  as I share my thoughts with you……on the east coast it used to be chilly already, however, the last few years have us warm almost till November….it is fond memories of pumpkins, fall leaves, hayrides, apple picking and deciding what to be for Halloween!!!!!!  I always remember my Mom made it so much fun, making our costumes, it was a event that took up the whole month!!!!  Traditions I then shared with my boys……

Let’s talk about traditions of autumn.   I have shared with you a few weeks ago how this time of the year is about transformation and reflection.  Like the leaves falling away from their branches, life flows and changes peacefully.  As we use this time, preparing for coming winter months lets let go of anything that isn’t serving us on a positive note. Clearing closets and making space allows for us to receive or expand in more ways than one……..releasing old patterns of thinking also makes room in our head and our hearts…….

VATA Season is here in Ayurveda, so for those of us who know their Dosha is VATA, I am reminding everyone, whether you are a VATA, or PITTA, or KAPHA it still is VATA season, which means some tendencies will affect other doshas.


PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS;  Thin light frame, variable digestion, dry skin and hair, cold hands and feet, sleeps lightly, lacks sexual stamina, moves and talks quickly, restless of hyperactive.

TEMPERAMENT;  Welcomes new experiences, resists routine, is a lively conversationalist,
spends money easily.

WHEN IN BALANCE: Energetic, creative, adaptable, shows initiative, good communicator.

WHEN OUT OF BALANCE: Tends towards mental agitation, anxiety, inconsistency, insomnia, delicate digestion, constipation.


VATA’S govern perception, inspiration and thought.  Speech, rhythm of peristalsis, elimination of wastes, menstruation, and sexual function.  Also govern circulation.

  1. Creating balance with food, to pacify Vata favor oily, heavy foods
  2. Favor all dairy
  3. Avocados, bananas, cherries and mangos. Reduce apples, pears cranberries
  4. Favor asparagus, beets and carrots, as these are grounding for (wind) Vata.
  5. Mung and tofu, reduce all other beans.
  6. Favor rice, wheat (unless gluten sensitive) quinoa, reduce barley corn, millet buckwheat, rye and oats.
  7. No white sugar, use brown or honey.
  8. All oils are good for Vata

Favor cardamom, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, salt, cloves, mustard seed, black pepper, these spices help to create heat and warming for Vata.

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