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Here we are month two of 2016, so lets begin LOVE MONTH.  This month I will be focusing on LOVE.  Im not referring to the hearts & candy for Valentine’s Day, although I do enjoy that holiday….I am talking about SELF LOVE……

Self love requires more than giving ourselves a vacation, a new haircut, or a mani-pedi.  It takes patience, compassion, to know our true value.  When our tank is full and overflowing, only then can we give back our love, compassion & kindness.

AYURVEDA teaches us about being consciously aware, through awareness, thoughts, interpretations & daily choices.  I want to share BODY INTELLIGENCE TECHNIQUES OR BITS, something that may take alittle practice, again consciously aware when we are nourishing our body, loving our body………


EAT in a quiet settled comfortable environment

EAT only when you feel hungry

DO NOT eat when your upset

ALWAYS sit down to eat

REDUCE ice cold foods & beverages

EAT at a comfortable pace, stay conscious of the process

LISTEN to your appetite, digest the previous meal before starting the next one

DONT overeat, leave 1/4 to 1/3 of stomach empty to aid digestion

EAT freshly prepared foods.  Lightly cooked foods are preferable to raw or uncooked

FAVOR fruits, vegtables, grains

SIT quietly for a few minutes after finishing your meal

FOCUS on the sensations in your body, take a short walk

At least once a week, eat one meal in total silence.  Notice how you felt and if there was a difference in how you ate & how you felt,

food for thought……………..





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