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Happy December! Did you overindulge on Thanksgiving? Don’t let the holidays be your excuse to indulge on unhealthy foods.
There are ways to enjoy the holidays without hurting your body. Here’s how…..first stay hydrated, when your dehydrated your body will think its hungry and you will definitely overeat at the holiday party. Smaller plates are great for allowing you to taste and portion control. Alcoholic beverages are empty fat calories, try diluting wine with seltzer, always drink one glass of water in between alcoholic beverages as to keep hydrated.

It can be a stressful time as we tend to put such demands on ourselves, please remember that we can be our own worst enemy. The xmas police aren’t coming to check that your tree is up, and your shopping is done. Learn to enjoy the season, ask for help, find ways to do less, take care of yourself……don’t skip your workout, or walk, or meditation. It will all get done, it goes by so fast, find the moments to pause and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

Love & Light
Your NY Skin Goddess

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