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Happy August

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It’s our 8th month of 2017, happy birthday to all those Leos out there! It’s a very special month as we begin August 7th with a lunar eclipse and at the end of august we will have a solar eclipse. Basically, a ton of energy and changes headed our way. For a personal look at what this means for you visit

Stay tuned as a big surprised will be revealed very soon! Evolve members with John Edward will have the inside scoop.


Recently, I have been asked to go over this topic in more detail. Here it goes…

First, steroids are legally and widely used in our food industry because they make the animals grow bigger and faster. Cows get large doses of hormones in order to keep them lactating. They also get injected with a growth hormone so they can produce milk all year round. Nature didn’t intend cows to have all this estrogen, 60-80% is found in our dairy products here in the United States.

Imagine what happens to your body if you were to just drink milk? Never mind cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese you get the picture. All those hormones you are ingesting, making not only young women go into puberty much earlier, have excess hair growth, but also earlier and more cases of acne. Estrogen in this amount sends your naturally occurring hormones into a frenzy and acne and many other issues pollute our body on the inside, resulting in skin eruptions, early menstrual cycles, childhood obesity, and boys are affected as well with maturing later and getting man boobs!

It’s definitely time to ditch the dairy on all levels. For those of you who can’t give it all up at once, I get it but please start with the milk first. There are so many options today, almond milk, rice milk, coconut; my personal favorite is cashew milk. All of the non-dairy options are fortified with Vitamin D and Calcium, in most cases much more than you would find in dairy.

Remember food is medicine, you really are what you eat. Be consciously aware start with small changes for a healthy lifestyle. Your future self will thank you and so will our planet!




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