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Damage Control

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HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE!!!! This is the start of a great week as August 8, BEING 8/8 is very lucky as its a double infinity……..eight resembles the infinity sign……get ready for some wonderful things coming….

Also this is a great time for DAMAGE CONTROL lol, this is a time of the year when you may start to assess what damage your skin has endured, and possibly what you can do to “FIX” or mend, as fall is right around the corner…

Lets look at some options:

  1. For brown spots or skin that seems dull a great fix is a 30 minute LASER FACIAL  or PHOTO FACIAL, it will bring up pigment and also gives your skin alittle trauma, causing collagen stimulation, hence tightening and pores look more refined.  No downtime, except brown spots look browner for a week, while flaking off….
  2. MICRODERMABRASION,  followed with a light peel, great refresher for removing dead skin cells mechanically, and safely……this then allows the epidermis to become porous, absorbs the light peel very effectively, slightly red for 24 hours, and some flaking for 2 days as the skin looks slightly pink and refreshed.
  3. More dramatic is MICRONEEDLING,  excellent choice for lifting, reducing the look of pebbling on chin area and large pores.  I like to do it as a series of 3, spaced two weeks apart.  It’s amazing for scarring, like acne or any marks on the epidermis. Skin keeps building collagen weeks after treatment.
  4. Lasers like FRAXEL are  more aggressive done by a doctor, require more downtime, and are more expensive, equally achieve removing pigment and collagen stimulation.
Hope this information may help you decide what treatment best suits you……log on to my website for full descriptions of above, or contact me for a consultation to access your DAMAGE CONTROL…
As always prevention, using our SPF daily, and taking care of our insides, good food choices, sleep quality,  removing toxicity that we not only ingest, also removing toxic self talk all mind/body together will achieve glowing skin, a peel or outside fix is temporary…….its about finding a balance………BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!!

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