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Beauty From The Inside Out

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beauty-inside-out-ny-skin-goddessHello Everyone!!!! I want to share some small changes you can add to your daily routine, the universal phrase “you are what you eat” speaks volumes……..each day adding something to your diet as simple as ginger, or lemon has amazing health benefits….You may have heard that 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Proper digestion is key to keeping your body functioning……the benefits will show on your skin, eyes, hair…….

GINGER as a tea, or fresh ginger in warm water, drink 3 to 4 cups a day, it is one of the few medicinal substances that works on all three phases of gastrointestinal functions – digestion, absorption, & elimination. Its pungent properties are used for respiratory and circulatory issues, chewing a fresh piece of ginger, creates heat quickly….great for “always cold” people like me…..

LEMONS like ginger are great for detoxifying, they are alkalinic and balance the bodys internal PH! loaded with vitamin C & citric acid, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting… starting your morning with a glass of warm or hot water with the juice of one fresh lemon will show within one week the difference on your skin.

My morning beauty water is hot water with fresh lemon & fresh ginger!!!! Start with just one…….notice what happens……

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