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Ayurveda + Aesthetics = NY Skin Goddess

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unnamedHAPPY AUGUST 30!!!! Can’t believe how fast summer went……as it always seems to!  To all my Virgo friends Happy Birthday!!!!

Lots of exciting things coming my way this next month of September. I want to share as always a few of my astrological events happening for the planet.  Virgo brings the details in our lives….its time to reflect, review, clean out closets to reduce clutter, and prepare for the fall equinox in our northern hemisphere and spring equinox in the southern hemisphere.  We also have mercury retrograde in Virgo, which affects all signs.  This is a three and a half week period of review, communications like appointments, computers, phones and messages in general can be challenged. Use due diligence to recheck important details where necessary……

As most of you know, I am a Certified Chopra Ayurveda Educator, and for years have been incorporating my world of aesthetics with ancient rituals.  My use of essential oils in my treatment room has been a ritual for my signature treatments for decades.
It also was part of my desire to formulate my NYSG skincare line, which incorporates essential oils along with botanicals in the entire line.

Ayurveda principles of seeing our body mind personality, discovering our dosha is an amazing tool in aiding you to achieve that perfect balance of glowing skin.  When we know our dosha, we begin to ingest the proper foods, and learn how our unique constitution can be nurtured.  For example, when I was first studying at Chopra Center, I learned my mind body was VATA.  I was eating all the opposite of what a VATA requires. I learned how to not only nourish my dosha, but improve my sleep patterns, my anxiety, my body’s temperature, and tools for toxicity, both physically and mentally.
In Ayurveda principles “ayus” meaning LIFE and “veda” meaning KNOWLEDGE this ancient wisdom along with modern science teaches that inside our body, and outside our body reflect together the health or inside beauty/outer beauty.

I am very excited to announce my free video series will be available September AYURVEDA + AESTHETICS = NY SKIN GODDESS.  Details will be available about signing up in the next few weeks, as well as the full course program for those of you who want to learn the Chopra Perfect Health Ayurveda Program online course.

A very special event will be aired in September, featuring my appearance on EVOLVE with JOHN EDWARD!!!!! Stay tuned for those details and the links to be a part of season 8 with JOHN EDWARD.  It was an honor to be part of his amazing team.

Skype consultations for Aesthetics (skincare) alone are available, as well as Ayurveda consultations, you will have access on the website to take your dosha quiz and then contact via Skype with your scores for a 30 minute session unique to you…..

Looking forward to connecting with you all, excited to bring you my free video series, new Ayurveda products, and many more surprises coming………

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